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About Us

#ChildRightsChat is a multinational project with the overall aim to create a digital space for learning about children’s rights, their legal instruments and the challenges for their protection and promotion in practice. As such, this learning environment will be used not only as as teaching strategy for academics working in Education, Social Work, Law, and other relevant disciplines for the promotion and protection of children’s rights, but also as a space for research into children’s rights education in general and enacting Article 42º of the Convention of the Rights of the Child in particular.

‘in comparison with other areas of society,

education seems to be particularly unreceptive to children’s rights.’
                                                                                                                                                               (Quennerstedt, 2011: 675)


#ChildRightsChat is developed through a bi-weekly Twitter conversation, wishing to connect and enable discussions between academics, policy makers and practitioners working on children and young people’s rights.

Our Vision

We believe the project can have significant impact within and beyond Higher Education in three main aspects:

I) Interdisciplinary and intersectional approach to teaching children’s rights

II) Intergenerational dialogue on children’s rights

III) International network on children’s rights


The Format

Invited guests -academics, practitioners, policymakers and journalists working in different disciplines of children’s rights-  will design a prompt for discussion called ‘provocation’ and 3 -5 questions that will be discussed during the hour long chat. We encourage readers to use this link to share their suggestions for:


a) Topic: pitch a specific topic or theme related to Child Rights to be discussed at the chat with the help of the moderators. Although we welcome local concerns, we encourage you to think more about global issues as we want to build an international discussion.

b) Guest: suggest someone (academic, practitioner or policymakers) working on children’s rights that could join the conversation as a guest responding direct Q&A from the followers of the chat.

c) Reading: send us a reading (academic papers, reports, book chapters, news, editorial, op-eds) that you consider might be relevant for the field of child rights to be discussed during the chat.



Quennerstedt, A 2011, ‘The construction of children’s rights in education – a research synthesis’, International Journal Of Children’s Rights, 19, 4, pp. 661-678. Available from: 10.1163/157181811X570708

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