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An Interview with Hope Wambi of Raising Voices

I had the pleasure of interviewing Hope Wambi of Raising Voices on her experience in children’s rights. 

(from Hope's bio)


Hope is the Media & Advocacy Program Manager at Raising Voices, where she works with the Good Schools team to reach as many schools as possible using the Good School Toolkit to prevent violence against children. She holds a Master’s degree in Management Studies and a post-graduate diploma in Project Planning and Management from Uganda Management Institute. She has over ten years of experience working with women and children with a focus on human rights. Outside of work, she is an active member of the Kampala Toast Masters Club, which is dedicated to helping people enhance public speaking and leadership skills.

This conversation is contextualised specifically to experiences and reflections on the work of Raising Voices in Uganda. 

The work of Raising Voices in relation to prevention of violence against children. Hope introduces the toolkit developed by Raising Voices and utilised in schools to promote awareness and develop knowledge against violence. You can explore this programme and its materials further via this link 

Dorcus and Hope engage in an in-depth conversation on mental health, learning environments, children's voices & participation, justice,  cyber safety,  and the impact of COVID19 on children's rights and education in Uganda.

This interview is a bit longer than our first episode, we hope you will still sit through it as it really is an incredible window into the experiences, policies and reflections on children's rights in Uganda. 
In the conversation, Dorcus raises also questions on the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child 
 and its application in the work of Raising Voices in Uganda. 

You can follow the work of Raising Voices on Twitter @RV_VAC
and you can follow Hope Wambi on Twitter @HopeWambi


Author and Interviewer

My name is Dorcus Alaba-Aguma and I am a Resilience Mentor with Boost plus Programme at Prospects. I have recently completed a Degree in Early Childhood and Special Education at University of East London, where I also did an internship with Child Right Chats. I have conducted an interview on children rights Education on their behalf. I am passionate about Child Advocacy and Children realising and exercising their Rights to the fullest capacity.

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