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is an activist and scholar whose work intersects children’s rights, xenofeminism and queer theory over her decade of practice in the voluntary sector working with children and their families, Fran became committed to advancing the implementation of Children’s Rights Education. In both teaching and research, Fran aims to disrupt conceptualisations of identity, kin(d)ship (Haraway) and interpersonal dynamics. Technology, queerness, mental health, immigration, anti-fascism and critical pedagogy are some of the areas covered in Fran’s individual and collaborative works. Fran is on the editorial board of the open access Journal of Childhood, Education and Society and is co-founder of ChildRightsChat, a multinational space for the teaching and learning of children’s rights. Fran’s background is in Medical Anthropology and Psychology, and is currently training as a child psychotherapist with the hope of one day supporting children in navigating the complexities of gender and identity.

Fran Zanatta


is a researcher, educator and consultant specialised in children's rights, global citizenship and education for sustainable development. She is an Ad Astra Fellow and Assistant Professor at the School of Education in University College Dublin where she is also co-convener of the Rights Education Network (REN). Gabriela is also co-founder of ChildRightsChat, a multinational project aiming at the creation of digital spaces for learning about children's rights. She holds a PhD in Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge and as a researcher, she has been affiliated to the Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education of Dublin City University, the Brazilian Centre for Analysis and Planning CEBRAP, the Center for Governance and Human Rights of the University of Cambridge, and also the Center for Socio-legal Studies of the University of Oxford. She has worked as an educational consultant in Latin America and Europe on projects related to peace education, children's rights and human rights defenders. She is also the author of textbooks and educational materials on issues of citizenship, democracy and human rights for secondary schools.

Gabriela Martinez Sainz


is an Associate Professor and researcher at the Queensland University of Technology (Australia). Her research has a social justice orientation that seeks to build and enable individual capacity and wellbeing, while also investigating some of the rights-based complexities and tensions in schools and education systems. Much of her research focuses on intersections between rights, education, wellbeing, voice, inclusion, and participation. She also specialises in child-centred participatory qualitative methods. Jenna is currently co-convenor for the Research on Children's Rights in Education Network as part of the European Educational Research Association, Program Co-Leader for the 'Voice and Wellbeing' research program within the Centre for Inclusive Education, and co-founder of the international transdisciplinary ChildRightsChat project.

Jenna Gillett-Swan

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